• 28100358 - 16x2 Multilayer (MLCP) Pipe Connector
Emmeti Monoblocco Pipe Connectors are used to connect pipe to Emmeti underfloor heating manifolds.  This connector is for connecting Multilayer (AL-PERT or AL-PEX) pipe to manifolds.

These are uniquely designed, incorporating multiple parts into one piece (meaning Monoblocco).

Unlike other makes, they do not need to be disassembled to install. Emmeti use a special thread, with an outside diameter on the male thread of 24mm and threads per square inch of 19 (DN24 x 19 TPI).

When selecting pipe connectors always remember that you will need 2 connectors for each port on the manifold i.e a 4 port manifold = 8 pipe connectors, a 6 port manifold = 12 pipe connectors and so on.

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28100358 - 16x2 Multilayer (MLCP) Pipe Connector

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