Key Components

A typical underfloor heating system is made up of the following key components - the manifold, the control set (pump & thermostatic mixing valve), the pipe and the zone controls (theelectrothermic heads, the wiring centre and the room thermostats).

The manifold is the distribution outlet for the water that comes from the primary heat source, i.e boiler or heat pump. It distributes the water to the UFH pipe/s that are connected to it.

If the primary heat source being used is a boiler then a control set with a thermostatic mixing valve is required to reduce the temperature of the water from the boiler, usually around 70oC-80oC, to a lower temperature suitable for underfloor heating, typically around 35-40oC. The control set also contains a pump which is required to ensure that the water circulates through the pipes at the required rate.

The zone controls are the "intelligent" part of the system that allow the system to provide heat to each individual room or zone as and when they require it. This provides the end user with complete control of the system and the ability to heat individual areas how and when they choose.

The electrothermic heads (ETH's) are connected to each individual port on the return rail of the manifold (see diagram below). Each port typically controls one room or zone.

For example, the manifold in the diagram below is a 5 port manifold. This means it could provide heat to 5 different rooms or zones. For each individual port a separate ETH is required. The ETH's are wired into the wiring centre which acts as an interface between the ETH's on the manifold and the room thermostats that are placed within each room.

When the wiring centre receives the signal from the room thermostat that is calling for heat it will pass this signal to the relevant ETH on the manifold which will in turn open up that port on the manifold allowing water to pass through it and heat the required room or zone.

The diagram below illustrates how the components are connected to create an operational underfloor heating system.


Please Note: This information is intended as a guide and it is important to remember that, to ensure you get the most of our your underfloor heating system, a system design including heat loss calculations and pipe layout designs is completed by a professional.

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