MCS Umbrella Scheme


TUS Umbrella scheme opens up huge opportunities for traditional heating and plumbing installers who have decided not to “specialise” in renewable energy but would nevertheless like to install renewable technology without the considerable investment in time and money required to gain MCS Accreditation and access to Government Incentive Schemes (RHI).

TUS, in association with Partner Companies operate an “Umbrella” scheme for air and ground source heat pumps which means that you don’t have to turn away potentially lucrative contracts for fear of not having the right qualifications. Under the scheme, you will be able to fit air source and ground source heat pump systems happy in the knowledge that all the paperwork, compliance and certification will be managed for you and allow your client full access to the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Heating and plumbing engineers who are part of a competent persons scheme such as Gas Safe or Oftec.


Air Source Heat Pumps
In addition to heat pump equipment, you would also purchase a Pre-Plumbed backboard comprising system hydraulics and electrics. The backboard is a pre-fabrication of major system components including heat pump controller, valves, pumps and electrical containment. It is fully tested and “system ready” for connection directly to the heating circuits and/or domestic hot water.
The time saved on the job (especially if you are not used to doing this regularly) is considerable meaning you can finish quickly and move on.  Once installed, our partner company will commission the system and sign it off for MCS.

Ground Source Heat Pumps
For ground source heat pumps, we will ask you for several pieces of information after which you’ll be provided with MCS specific calculations and documentation to enable you to carry out a compliant installation. Our Partners will also provide advice and technical support pre and during installation to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. After final commissioning (which can be handled remotely), our partners will register the installation with Gemserv and provide you with the final MCS certificate.

For more information about our MCS Umbrella Scheme please call our sales team on 01283 850040 or email