• 20x2mm Gerpex MLC (PE-X/AL/PE-X) Pipe

Gerpex Multi-Layer Composite Pipe is the optimum solution for modern building projects, offering all of the advantages of both plastic and metal pipes combined with excellent value for money and peace of mind. Gerpex can be used in a wide range of applications including sanitary systems and heating (wall hung radiator and underfloor heating), chilled water and compressed air. The pipe is available in a range of sizes from 14-63mm making it ideal for both domestic and commercial buildings.

gerpex sizing

Gerpex Multi-Layer Composite Pipe is made of composite material through a technologically advanced process in which an inner layer of cross linked PE-Xb (polyethylene) pipe is bonded to a butt-welded aluminium core with outer layer of PE-Xb (up to 32mm) or PE-HD (from 40 up to 63mm). The composition is what gives Gerpex its high temperature and pressure characteristics. The internal aluminium layer provides rigidity, form retention, and a solid oxygen barrier to prolong the life of heating system components such as heat exchangers, pumps and radiators.

The products are fully WRAS approved for use with sanitary systems and the range includes coils up to 500m, 4m straight bars and insulated coils.

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20x2mm Gerpex MLC (PE-X/AL/PE-X) Pipe

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