The Emmeti 8 Way Wiring Centre is hugely popular due to it's feature rich specification. It is designed with the installer in mind and includes LED circuit indicator lights and an On/Off switch to enable safe working inside the wiring centre and to thermostat and actuator connections.

This new generation of wiring centre offers a host of features:
  • The built-in on-off switch means that when fault finding, adding new thermostats or electrothermic heads to the centre, work can go ahead safely without the need to isolate the whole system
  • The centre allows centralised time control of up to 8 zones with a single time switch
  • Night setback using a single timeswitch can also be implemented with either live or neutral switching options catered for
  • Earth continuity terminals are integrated as standard, to allow equipment requiring earthing to be connected to the wiring centre
  • Pump live and neutral terminals with a 230V output make it simple to connect a pump to the centre
  • Separate boiler interlock terminals enable the boiler to be fired whether it requires a 230V  supply or a volt-free connection to the boiler terminals
  • With its 50 VA transformer, the 24V version allows up to 16 x 3W electrothermic heads to be controlled
  • Eight wiring channels have been provided with clearly marked terminals and ample room for making connections
  • Four loose ‘cap’ terminals have been provided to enable up to five electrothermic heads to be connected to two of the zone channels - more can be ordered
  • The EWC-1 wiring centre can be used inside manifold cabinets due to its specially protected enclosure rated at IP44
  • The status of the system can be monitored with the LED’s on the front of the casing without the need to open it. They show: - Power On - Boiler On - Pump On - 8 individual channel LED’s showing a call for  heat from the individual thermostats.
  • Cable clamping for multiple cables is included with each centre for quicker and easier cable management
Both 230v and 24v versions come in an elegantly styled case and will satisfy almost all hardwired applications for both radiant heating and cooling.

Also available in 24 volt version.

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U9360010 - Emmeti 230v 8 Way Wiring Centre

  • £96.46 excl VAT
  • £115.75 incl VAT