• Up To 40 Sq/m Kit (Single Zone) Underfloor Heating Kit for Screed Floors

This premium quality underfloor heating kit contains the following items required to heat a single zone system covering a maximum floor area of up to 40 square metres (Based on pipe spacing at 200mm centres):

1 x Emmeti 2 Port UFH Manifold with Integrated Pump & Mixing Set
Pre-assembled manifold complete with flowmeters, 2 x automatic air vents, 2 x drain/fill valves, 2 x blanking plugs, 1 x pair of ball valves and 4 x multilayer pipe connectors. Manufactured in Italy to the highest standards.

200m x 16x2mm Multilayer (PERT-AL-PERT) UFH Barrier Pipe
Our premium quality multilayer (Pert-AL-PERT) underfloor heating pipe is easy to install due to its formstable construction.

1 x 230v LCD 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat
Offers simple to use 24 hour, 7-day, 6+1 day or 5+2 day programming options with four time / temperature events per day.

300 x 60mm pipe fixing clips

For clipping down the underfloor heating pipe to insulation before screed is laid.

25m x Perimeter Insulating Strip
Acts as an insulator between the floor and external walls when liquid screed is poured on top of the underfloor heating pipework.

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Up To 40 Sq/m Kit (Single Zone) Underfloor Heating Kit for Screed Floors

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