• IvarCP01 - IVAR Single Circuit Mixing Unit with Wilo A Rated Pump
The Ivar single circuit mixing unit is perfect for single zone areas up to 20m2.

The single circuit mixing unit is a distribution unit ensuring reliable flow temperature control, flexible installation and easy start-up. It is supplied with a pre-wired Wilo Yonos Para variable speed pump and it is secured to anti-vibration brackets. 2 x ø15 copper pipe screw fittings for boiler inlet and return connections are also included in the package.

The single circuit mixing unit comes complete with a thermostat applied to the hot water inlet. When the thermostat senses a temperature higher than the upper threshold, it enables pump switch-on. When the temperature gets lower than the lower threshold, the contact is opened so to avoid the supply of cold water to the underfloor circuits.

The terminal block allows the connection of a room thermostat (not included), to switch on the secondary pump only when the room is calling for heat.

Pump Technical Specification

Pump Model: Wilo Yonos Para 25/6 RKA 130
Type: Electronic, high-efficiency
Speed Control: Constant or proportional pressure head

Dimensions: 130mm (W) x 293mm (H) x 135mm (D)

We ship this product with 2 x 16mm Multilayer pipe connectors and adaptors. If you require a different size pipe connector please contact us at the point of ordering.


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IvarCP01 - IVAR Single Circuit Mixing Unit with Wilo A Rated Pump

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